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A Delightful Dog's Iditarod Ditty pdf

R.E. Skibiski: A Delightful Dog's Iditarod Ditty

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The IDITAROD is a race. But did you know that the IDITAROD RACE is named after none other than the IDITAROD TRAIL? Well, whether you knew that or not, if you’re looking for one of the most interesting, unique, and concise Iditarod books for kids, adults, and even dogs themselves about the Iditarod and Iditarod history, then you’re in luck! Here’s why: To explain the ins and outs of the Iditarod is, well, tough sledding. To explain them in a rhyme is even tougher. But in A DELIGHTFUL DOG’S IDITAROD DITTY , a delightful dog does just that, howling out a doggone good ditty full of the nitty-gritty of Alaska’s far-famed race. And believe it or not, although the barking bard is a fine mushing dog, the ditty isn’t one bit mushy! So why trail behind when it comes to knowing about the Iditarod when you can mush ahead to illumination with a delightful dog? Mush! Mush! Concerning the Iditarod, here are some questions that many people have: How do you pronounce Iditarod ? Where does the name Iditarod come from? What state does the Iditarod race take place in? What month does the Iditarod take place in? What kind of dogs make up the Iditarod dogs? What is a musher? How long is the Iditarod trail? Where does the Iditarod race start and end? What is a checkpoint? How many stops are on the Iditarod trail? How many days does the Iditarod race last? What do the mush and whoa commands mean? What do the gee and haw commands mean? These are all good questions, and you can go about finding answers for them in different places. But wait! Before you do, take a look at the following examples showing how the delightful dog explains the nitty-gritty of the Iditarod. For example, to answer the questions about how to pronounce Iditarod and where the name Iditarod comes from, the delightful dogs uses the following rhymes: The race is the Iditarod. Eye-DITT-uh-rod you say. Perhaps it sounds a little odd. Your tongue it may dismay. The name is from the days of old. It’s what they called a trail that people who were seeking gold endured with much travail. It’s hard to forget that! Rhymes, as everyone knows, can be a great way to remember information that people normally soon forget. But not only does the poem rhyme, it's also in meter. That means that the lines have a consistent rhythm. It's pleasant to the ear and to the mind. Another example will be helpful. To answer the question about where the Iditarod race starts and ends, the delightful says: In Anchorage the racing starts. It then concludes in Nome. 1,000 miles—bless their hearts— the racers have to roam! It’s hard to forget that too! But let’s take a look at one final example. To answer the questions about what a musher is and what the mush and whoa commands mean, the delightful dog says: There’s someone else each team demands: a person who can steer. A musher drives and shouts commands to every doggy ear. When they say “Mush!”, we go, go, go, for victory’s at stake. And we don’t stop till they say “Whoa!” That’s when we take a break. So now that you’ve seen a sample of what the delightful dog has to offer you, it’s up to you: Are you interested in the Iditarod? Do you want to learn about the Iditarod race in a hurry? Would you like to learn about the Iditarod race in a fun way? Do you like rhyming poetry? Do you like delightful dogs who teach with rhyming poems? Well, then A DELIGHTFUL DOG’S IDITAROD DITTY is for you! 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