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Architexts: Volume 3 pdf

Joker and Maverick: Architexts: Volume 3

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Editorial Reviews About the Author JOKER has a B.S. in Architecture and works full time as an architectural designer. He is still on his open-ended sabbatical from finishing his Master's Degree. Joker has worked in several firms, and enjoyed a brief period of unemployment. Somewhat of a cynic about the architectural profession, he constantly needs to inject humor in his office to make each day tolerable, thus earning him the moniker "Joker." He lives at an undisclosed location with his family. MAVERICK is a Registered Architect with a Master of Architecture degree from a practice-based architecture school. Maverick has been employed at the same small architectural firm for over ten years. He has a tendency to inject sarcasm into everything, especially at the office. "Maverick" is the nickname given to him by employees of the Starbucks he gets his coffee from every morning.

The struggle for workplace satisfaction continues as the employees of Franklin + Newbury Architects once again experience the journey towards licensure, the dread of construction administration, endless IT problems, project meetings, interns’ disenchantment, and the weekly battle to make it to the end of Friday. It’s another year of dealing with annoying engineers, unsavory measuring conditions, and a plotter that always breaks down at the worst times. ARCHITEXTS: VOLUME 3 includes all of the comics from the third year of Architexts and some bonus material.


4,5 / 5


  • Paperback: 198 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0615930107

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